ToyBox Management

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As a management agency, we help our kid influencers grow quality communities and publish authentic content, which will ensure not only their safety but also maximize the positive impact for their brand partnerships.   

Thru our relationship development process, we identify what brands are best to align with our kid influencers and their community. Our methodology behind kid influencer marketing, ensures genuine interactions and fun being brand ambassadors!  



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During our initial discussion, we'll tell you about ToyBox, including our process and mission, and you tell us about your kid influencer. And just like that, the relationship begins.

Join ToyBox Management

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After receiving verified parental consent, we CELEBRATE as your kid influencer joins our Network!

Engage Brands

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We work with the parents and kid influencers to determine what opportunities would be the best fit for brand partnership alignment. 

Campaign Participation

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And ACTION! Your kid influencer will use their developed persona and collaboration preference to shine in their unique content creation. All that's left to do is post!


Tips to Keep in Mind for Beginner Creators

Audio Quality (no TV or music in the background)  

Video Quality (well lit, not shaky or blurry)

Organic and Authentic (not scripted)  

High Energy (HAVE FUN!!

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