ToyBox Marketing

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We offer a holistic kid influencer marketing experience. From customized brand and strategy development, campaign design, influencer sourcing, to executing against established KPIs and reporting on analytics that have a distinct value to your brand.

Because we meticulously cultivate our kid influencer relationships, we can offer an easily scalable solution and one which you can trust will be placed in a brand safe environment, in front of an audience you wouldn't otherwise reach.


Brand Strategy Development

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We start with a collective brainstorm session. The customized strategy we develop will reflect your brand's influencer campaign objective, whether it's to increase brand awareness, launch a new toy or video game or reposition an existing product.

Measure What Matters

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At ToyBox, we think data is on trend. Analytics give us life. Which is why it's so important for us to setup our client's campaign with specific KPIs in mind. When we all agree on the desired outcome, it ensures we'll measure what matters. 

Engage Influencers

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While we value quality over quantity, quantifiable is king. Different from the general influencer industry, kid influencers depth reaches beyond analytics and one-dimensional databanks. We take the time to engage, so you can benefit from our ability to scale. 

Content Brief

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We've developed your brand strategy, aligned it with your KPIs and engaged the most qualified influencers. Next step is to present our clients with a comprehensive campaign brief. Feels like we're back in school and we need your A+ grade to graduate.

Campaign Execution

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Here comes the party. But before we can celebrate our success, the pressure is on us to perform. At ToyBox, we coordinate the influencer schedules, manage the toy and video game distribution fulfillment and monitor content before it's published.

Analytics Report

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We think all data geeks should wear capes. After all, we're the super heroes of any successful campaign. Our detailed, aggregated reports are designed to tell the story of our campaigns, in a format which is valuable to your brand. 

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