We are a team of kid influencer enthusiasts, hyper-focused on strategy development within this niché segment. We're obsessed with creating kid and brand safe environments, achieved in part thru earned relationships with our influencers.  We believe in closely monitoring content before it's published to protect our brand partners, but still understand the value of letting the organic nature of the content shine. With the sensitive nature of kid influencer marketing, developing real relationships with a hands-on approach, allows our clients to benefit from the full potential of utilizing kid influencers.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's play!

Our Founders

Catherine Kimsey

<img src="CatherineKimsey.png" alt="Catherine Kimsey founder of ToyBox Marketing agency">

Catherine recognized the value of kid influencers throughout her career in advertising. She saw the emerging uncertainty of the future for retail toy stores and knew it would only become increasingly more difficult to reach this generation of children thru traditional media vehicles. Her vision inspired her to branch out, with a mission to build a kid influencer marketing agency. As head of the marketing division, Catherine is responsible for managing brand relationships and leading development of campaign strategy. 

Jen Whittington

<img src="JenWhittington.png" alt="Jen Whittington founder of ToyBox Marketing agency">

Jen is at the helm of the management division for ToyBox. She designed our systematic approach to cultivating our relationships with kid influencers and pioneered our methodologies for keeping them safe. Under Jen's leadership, we've helped our influencers clear bot followers and develop different approaches to analyzing metrics, ensuring our client's KPIs are top of mind and achieving campaign goals.